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Cooking Like My Granny

Photos of my Granny are rare. Ebony hued and diminutive with high cheekbones that show up 3 generations later in my daughter’s face, Granny is seen here hatted and bejeweled at my mother’s wedding holding her glass for a toast and smiling. This blog post is dedicated to the dear and fond memories I have…

Shindy’s 2021 Urban Container Garden

Growing a garden with food to eat is an experience that is humbling and joyful. Growing an entirely container garden on a 22 ft * 22 ft concrete patch in Brooklyn, cultivates patience and gratitude right alongside your produce. I started this blog during the early stages of the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020. My…

Finished Lasagne Noodles

Stuffed Lasagne Noodles

I am trying to add vegetarian options to our weeknight dinners. I decided to look up an old tried and true recipe that was a regular with us years ago when the kids were quite little. I hadn’t made this dish in some time. The recipe is called Italian Veggie Rolls and is found on…

Cooking is tied to my memories of family, friendship, love.

Growing up in Guyana I was surrounded by excellent cooks:

My mother, grandmother and aunts…

This website is a food mashup of cultures starting at home and embracing the world.

Healthful… Decadent…


Let’s go on a food adventure together!

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