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Greening Up the Balcony – An ITP Camp 2022 Project I had the idea to create The ITP Community Herb Garden on the north facing balcony of the ITP floor (4th floor) when I realized that the balcony is not fully enclosed and that it receives a significant amount of direct sunlight. I thought it…

Shindy’s 2022 Container Garden: SPRING!

Ah! The planting season kinda snuck up on us in Brooklyn, New York City this year. I was itching to begin planting in April but the cool weather was persisting with temperatures consistently below the 50o mark. However as of today, June 9, a lot has happened and it’s just so much fun to chronicle….

Rainbow chard and beets

2021 Companion Planting

At my 50th birthday brunch this year, My friend Pam Godwin brought me fresh cut flowers. I LOVE fresh cut flowers. This was Pam’s first time visiting me in Brooklyn although she had been following my garden adventures on Facebook. I was thrilled to share my backyard and garden with all of my friends. During…

Cooking is tied to my memories of family, friendship, love.

Growing up in Guyana I was surrounded by excellent cooks:

My mother, grandmother and aunts…

This website is a food mashup of cultures starting at home and embracing the world.

Healthful… Decadent…


Let’s go on a food adventure together!

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