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Finished Lasagne Noodles

Stuffed Lasagne Noodles

I am trying to add vegetarian options to our weeknight dinners. I decided to look up an old tried and true recipe that was a regular with us years ago when the kids were quite little. I hadn’t made this dish in some time. The recipe is called Italian Veggie Rolls and is found on…

Nutty Sourdough Bread: By Diana Son

Baking sourdough bread is a 2-day process from the time you feed your starter to when you pull a loaf of beautiful bread out of your oven. I learned how to bake by following other bakers, professional and home cooks, over social media. It took me many years of trying this and that to come…

Double Take: Chocolate Chip, Coconut, Pecan Cookies

When Kiyomi was in kindergarten, I was chatting in the hallway with a parent about my absolute love for and obsession with chocolate. He casually mentioned that he was a “chocolatier” and promised to bring me a few copies of a magazine that he edited – Chocolatier: A Taste of the Good Life. Ah Michael…

Cooking is tied to my memories of family, friendship, love.

Growing up in Guyana I was surrounded by excellent cooks:

My mother, grandmother and aunts…

This website is a food mashup of cultures starting at home and embracing the world.

Healthful… Decadent…


Let’s go on a food adventure together!

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