Shindy’s Flavour

Cooking is tied to my memories of family, friendship, love.

Growing up in Guyana I was surrounded by excellent cooks:

My mother, grandmother and aunts…

This website is a food mashup of cultures starting at home and embracing the world.

Healthful… Decadent…


Let’s go on a food adventure together!

Latest from the Blog

Cauliflower: For all the Vegetarians I’ve Loved Before…

Cauliflower is one of those humble vegetables that is easily overlooked. I urge you not to. Especially for my Guyanese and Caribbean friends who did not grow up eating this vegetable – try these recipes and you will be sold. I promise. Cauliflower is very sensitive to temperature and prefers cool (not cold) climates. It…

Cheese Scones: Versatile, Savory, Yum!

SAVORY SCONES IN THE “LAB” I have so much fun experimenting with cheese scones…. AND I’M NOT DONE YET! Before I came to America, I thought the word “scone” was synonymous with cheese scones. The only type of scones my mom baked were cheese scones. I did not even think you had to specify “cheese”….

Shindy’s Chicken Curry

There is a lively debate about who in the caribbean says “chicken curry” vs who says “curry chicken.” Having lived in the US for more than half my life, my memory is a bit blurred regarding which one I grew up saying, so I called my Auntie Faye. “Chicken curry”, she said. Curry dishes are…

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