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As I develop this website that celebrates food – cooking and gardening, I can’t help but think of the New Yorkers who are poor and food insecure. Please join me in lending a helping hand to our fellow New Yorkers.

Help End Food Insecurity in NYC

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Learn about food insecurity in NYC

In New York City, 2 Million Residents Face Food Insecurity, Officials Say

NPR.Org May 21, 2020, BRIAN MANN

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COVID 19 has left more families throughout the five boroughs facing food insecurity than ever before.

Food Bank For New York City

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40% of New York City households lack the income needed to cover basic necessities of food, shelter and healthcare.

City Harvest

Poor People’s Campaign: Abundance Not Scarcity

  • A map of poverty in the USA
  • shows overlap with a map of the states that have not expanded Medicaid ...
  • … which looks very similar to a map of states with voter suppression laws ...

The point of showing these maps is to highlight how the same states seem to be limiting the potential of the people who live in them by denying them health care, putting their employment at risk (if they have a job) and limiting their access to the ballot box to vote for officials who really want to do right by their constituents.

Rev. William J. Barber II, Co-Chair The Poor People’s Campaign: Washington Post Opinion by Jonathan Capehart, Columnist, June 19, 2020

THE POOR PEOPLE’S CAMPAIGN Donate/Volunteer/Learn/Share

Throughout our history, it has always been the role of moral movements to
turn pain and righteous anger into a transforming force. From Abolition to
Reconstruction and the organized outrage of the labor movement, women’s
movement, Civil Rights Movement and more, fusion movements have
compelled governments to take transformative action.

A MORAL POLICY AGENDA TO HEAL AMERICA: The Poor People’s Jubilee Platform
  • This is nation where we have recently seen the blatant looting of taxpayer money and government coffers enabled by congress, the senate and the president in the form of PPP disbursement of funds that benefitted over 400 billionaires and country clubs.
  • At the same time, up to 40% of Americans who are unemployed due to the pandemic are seeing their income exceed their wages due to the Pandemic Unemployment Insurance. The moral hazard here being that millions of working people don’t earn enough to live in dignity.

Structural racism and inequity usually occur in ways that overlap and exacerbate poverty. We must educate ourselves about policies that hold in place unlivable wages, housing insecurity, poor health outcomes, food insecurity, roadblocks to voting etc… AND policies that dismantle the social safety net for vulnerable Americans.

I invite you to join The Poor People’s Campaign and help hold elected officials accountable for revolutionary action to reverse the cruel narrative that blames the poor for their poverty and continually props up and rewards the wealthiest 1%. Let’s end the false narrative of scarcity that leads to immoral budgets from the national to the state to city levels.