Hi I’m Shindy. I love food.

My motto is “Ecstasy in Every Bite!”

This is not just a recipe website – it is a lifestyle cooking blog where I share systems and techniques that save time and give delicious outcomes.

I hope to build a community of food lovers and gardeners to share what makes us happy.

Food brings me great joy! I love to share my favorite eats, cafes, restaurants and concoctions with my friends and family. A meal, a dish or a scone can send me into raptures.

I love making memories anchored in food. Some of my favorite events are my women’s only potluck dinner parties where my closest friends bring their signature creations to share while meeting new interesting people and enjoying stimulating conversation.

During this global pandemic, like many others I’ve been pouring my creative energies into food: cooking it and growing it. Cooking and gardening are soothing undertakings at any time and I turn to them for healing during this overwhelming tragedy that we are living through.

I encourage you, even if – like me – you have only space for containers, to grow something (it’s a great activity for kids) and bring it into the kitchen or to table. The satisfaction will be palpable.

My love for food and enjoyment of food started at my mom’s and grandma’s tables in Guyana, South America where I grew up. The act of cooking and baking was commonplace although the delicacies produced were anything but. Special occasions like Christmas took cooking to another level. Most of the traditional dishes required days of prep and children in the home had a huge role to play in bringing dishes to table.

However, it wasn’t until I became a wife and mother that I came into my own as a cook. The hours spent in the kitchen with my mom, aunts and grandma, assisting with food prep seems to have seeped into my subconscious. These remarkable women (Veronica Jones – my mom; Cheryl Scotland – my aunt and Dorothy Scotland – my maternal grandmother) have transitioned to the ancestral realm, and they have left with me a keen sensibility about food, a love of food and memory of many of our Guyanese culinary traditions.

This blog is a tribute to my maternal lineage and a nod to my eclectic international circle of friends.